The amazing table tennis experience powered by rubber technology.

The Tensor effect

In 1995, our chemists realized something remarkable: they were able to integrate an organic substance that was like a spring between the molecules of rubber. This allowed more energy to be stored in the rubber before it was transferred back to the ball. The first rubbers incorporating Tensor technology appeared in 1998, and today about 75% of all table tennis players use rubbers featuring this technology.

The Tensor sound

Rubbers incorporating Tensor technology not only have a permanently integrated speed glue effect, they also make the same clicking sound as the former speed glued rubbers. The volume of the clicking is dependent on the magnitude of the integrated speed glue effect and the softness of the sponge. The softer the sponge, the louder the sound.

Ball control

The more accurately a ball is hit, the louder the sound produced by rubbers with an integral speed glue effect. And a ball that has been accurately hit lands exactly where the player wishes it to land. Players therefore subconsciously use the sound as a regulatory mechanism. If the sound is poor and the shot inaccurate, then the player will try to “catch” the sound again with the next shot. If the sound is right, then the shot will also be a good one. The sound of Tensor is enjoyable and aids ball control.

The speed glue sound

The famous Hungarian player Tibor Klampar is credited with the invention of speed gluing. He applied the glue secretly, and it was the special clicking sound his rubbers produced that was noticed by his fellow players during training.

The speed gluing ban

The process of speed gluing, to which has table tennis rubbers have been subjected for 25 years for the purposes of tuning, relies on the action of harmful solvents. Speed gluing is not compatible with AGENDA 21 and has been banned since 2008‑09‑01.

Sport, health and the environment

As sport continues to develop, the more prone to conflict its stance will be as regards players’ health and the environment. This is the reason why the Olympic Movement drew up AGENDA 21, a set of compulsory guidelines governing this area.

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